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52nd edition

La Fille du 14 juillet

Fortnight 2013, Feature film, 1h28


Hector meets Truquette on Bastille Day and becomes obsessed with seducing her. The plan is to get her to the seaside pronto. Pator is not complaining, especially if her friend Charlotte comes along for the ride.So off they go, down the country roads of a broke and broken France. Times are hard ! Suddenly the government cancels a month of summer. Everyone back to work !A wad of cash and two gun shots later, the group splits in two like France itself. But careering away from work in no way daunts the remaining trio, dead set on relocating the Bastille Girl and reveling in an endless summer.


Antonin Peretjatko

My first short film, Rush Hour, was shot in 2001, in B&W and developed in my bathtup. In 2004 and 2005, The Funny Side of the Street and French Kiss, were in the running for the César. The Last Shot, a medium-lenght film, was shot in 16mm during a round the world trip. In 2009 and 2011, I shot Jacques Audiard’s last two films’ making-ofs and two shorts, including Beware of invisibility. My life is the rough draft of my films.

Grégoire Tachnakian
Marie-Lorna Vaconsin
Thomas Schmitt
Vimala Pons
Vincent Macaigne

Antonin Peretjatko

Simon Roca

Julien Brossier, Julien Roig, Martial de Roffignac

Carole Le Page, Antonin Peretjatko

Set decoration
Erwan Le Gal

Production :
Ecce Films
16 rue Bleue
75009 Paris – France
Tél :+33 1 4770 2723

Ventes / Foreign sales :
Ecce Films
Joséphine Avril
Tél : +33 6 8835 1173

Distribution :
Friche La Belle de Mai
41 rue Jobin
13003 Marseille
tel:04 95 04 95 92
fax:04 13 33 80 74

Presse / publicist :
Agnès Chabot
01 44 41 13 48

Title in Original Version : The Rendez-Vous of Déjà-Vu