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52nd edition

La Chambre obscure

Fortnight 2000, Feature film, 1h47


In the 14th century, young Alienor refuses the fate of young women to follow her heart’s desire. At the risk of her life, she succeeds in curing the King of France, who has been suffering from a fistula. In return, she asks her sovereign to wed her to Bertrand de Roussillon, whom she has loved since childhood, convinced she is more deserving of him than anyone else. But Bertrand refuses to consummate their union and flees to the wars in Tuscany. The headstrong Alienor follows him to Italy and disguises herself as another woman, a young Italian whom Bertrand desires ardently.


Marie-Christine Questerbert

She studied philosophy art fine arts. She attended direction classes with Jean Rouch and Kostas Fotinos. She wrote for Les Cahiers du cinéma and for Hatier publishing on Italian screenwriters. She played in Luc Moullet’s films as well as in Sophie Fillières and Pascal Bonitzer’s ones. La chambre obscure is her first feature film.

Caroline Ducey
Jackie Berroyer
Mathieu Demy
Melvil Poupaud
Sylvie Testud

Marie-Christine Questerbert avec la participation de Danièle Dubroux

Emmanuel Machuel

Dominique VieillardEric BonnardJean DubreuilPhilippe Morel

Catherine Quesemand

Solange Boulanger

Set decoration
Laurent Allaire

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