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52nd edition

La Chambre Blanche

Fortnight 1970, Feature film, 90'


This plodding piece of cinematic ambiguity finds a married couple engaged in boring conversation in a window as scenery changes behind them. When they manage to talk about love, some of the tedium is lifted in the wake of their amorous verbiage. This black and white short film shows a particular effort on symbolic impressionism.


Jean-Pierre Lefèbvre

Differently of his contemporary quebecois’ directors, Lefebvre didn’t make his class in the documentary. After his Literary studies and seven years of critics, he immediatly began directing fiction movies; a short in 1964 _ »L’Homoman »_ preceeding an ininterrompt serie of movies of which he produce at least the first five. In fact, he has found his own production company Cinak Ltee and his own distributing company Disci Inc. His style is based on low cost movies, on natural location and using few characters. He approach the cinema in the same ‘maniere’ then Luc Besson; a non-narrative non-psychological cinema, mostly without action where the characters present themselves by the way they live.

Marcel Sabourin
Michèle Magny

Jean Pierre Lefebvre