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52nd edition

La Cazadora Inconsciente

Fortnight 1970, Short film, 5'


Balerdi selected parts of a Tarzan film and traced them by hand, frame by frame directly onto celluloid. The result is a kind of dynamic animated drawing in black, white and grey in a fluid state of continual mutation and transformation. Through the specific and evident materiality of the medium of film itself, there is a constant shifting between representation and abstraction. The original Tarzan soundtrack is also maintained and lends a trance like rhythm to the images. Balerdi drew compulsively and this experimental film was an extension of this activity; taking gesture and repetition into a new realm. In the front space of the gallery a selection of wonderful drawings complements the film.


Rafael R. Balerdi

He is a Spanish painter and drawer born in San Sebastian. He died in 1992. He founded with Mendiburu, E. and G. Chillida for exemple, the Gaur, a group that had a great influence in the modern Basque artistic history. He directed one of the most famous experimental short films of Spanish cinema: Tribute to Tarzan.

Prod.X Films,S.A. Narvaez, 15 Madrid (9)