52nd edition

La Captive

Fortnight 2000, Feature film, 1h52


Ariane lives in Simon’s large apartment. Under surveillance. Simon wants to know everything about her. He follows her, has someone accompany her when she goes out, attempts to surprise her and badgers her endlessly with questions. Still, Ariane manages to preserve a certain margin of mental and physical freedom. Simon has pain and pleasure and he is quite aware that even in moments of physical closeness, even when he thinks he finally possesses her, she escapes him once again. Of course, the fact that he knows about Ariane’s preference for women, that she leads a double life, only aggravates his pain, his helplessness and probably intensifies his desire for her. He goes so far as to try to break into her world, a world of girls and songs. But it’s not only because of Ariane’s attraction to women and the difference in sexes that make his demands impossible: demands of total merging, of osmosis, of the obsessional desire to completely penetrate the other’s subjectivity. There is also the fact that the other is another, irreductibly so. The other is a stranger and Ariane remains impenetrable. This is the story of two lovers. A tragedy.


  • Aurore Clément
  • Françoise Bertin
  • Liliane Rovère
  • Olivia Bonamy
  • Stanislas Merhar
  • Sylvie Testud


Chantal Akerman, Eric de Kuyper inspiré de “La Prisonnière” de Marcel Proust

Sabine Lancelin

Thierry de Halleux

Claire Atherton

Set decoration
Christian Marti


Production :
Paulo Branco
Gemini Films
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75004 Paris, France
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fax : 33 (0)1 44 54 96 66

Arte France Cinéma
Paradise Films

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Gemini Films

Distribution :
Gemini Films

Presse :
Claude Davy
DDD Conseil
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