52nd edition

La Buena Vida

Fortnight 1997, Feature film, 1 h 48


Tristan has just turned 14. He attends a French school in Madrid and plays the piano. But he devotes most of his time to writing his biography, convinced of his vocation as a writer. He shuts himself away in his room, his domain, and endlessly bangs away on an old typewriter, to the despair of his parents, who have others things in mind for him. Only a single chapter is missing in his book : the account of a night spent in a woman’s arms. His father and mother die in a car accident, leaving Tristan alone with his grandfather, an aged, antisocial provincial who dreams only of returning to the country of his birthplace. To survive in the face of everything, to grow up and bear his new solitude – this preoccupation obviously enters his memoirs, but Tristan doesn’t turn his back on life for all that : his doubts, desires and friendships fully occupy his waking hours, and he dreams, confident he will live a “beautiful life”.


  • Alma Rosas Castellanas
  • Fernando Ramallo
  • Isabel Otero
  • Jesus Bonilla
  • Joel Joan
  • Jordi Bosch
  • Lucia Jimenez
  • Luis Cuenca
  • Victoria Pena


David Trueba

William Lubtchansky

Georges Prat

Angel Hernandez-Zoido

Antoine Duhamel

Set decoration
Cristina Mampaso


PRODUCTION : Trueba/Kaplan/Olmo Films C/. Antonio Cavero, 37, 28043 Madrid Tél. : (34-1) 759 62 64 Fax : (34-1) 300 01 04 L. Films (France) VENTES A L’ETRANGER Lolafilms C/. Velasquez 12, 28001 Madrid Tél. : (34-1) 431 42 46 Fax : (34-1) 435 59 94