52nd edition

La Blessure

Fortnight 2004, Feature film, 2h45


Blandine is hurt in a skirmish on the landing strip at Roissy airport, where a group of Africans resist expulsion. Though she is on French soil, her wound, her presence, her very being are not recognized by the border police from whom she has requested asylum. But France remains deaf. France is no longer a land of asylum. It is a land with blinders that expels, wounds and humiliates. She hides out in a squat with walled up windows, along with her husband Papi, who is treating her, Moktar who is afraid to step outside, Steve who has lost all his illusions, Fanny and Kary who street walk to be able to sleep under a roof. Blandine takes the plung into the silence…


  • Adama Doumbia
  • Noëlla Mossaba
  • Ousman Diallo


Elizabeth Perceval

Hélène Louvart

Alain Sironval

Rose-Marie Lausson

Set decoration
Françoise Arnaud


Production : Aurora Films 9, Cité Paradis 75010 Paris France tél: +33 (0)1 47 70 43 01 fax :+33 (0)1 47 70 43 91 aurora-films@noos.fr co-Production : Tarantula (Belgique) Arte (France) Petits et Grands Oiseaux (France) Distribution : Shellac 2, Bd Ornano 75018 Paris France tél :+33 (0)1 42 55 07 84 fax :+33 (0)1 55 79 01 00 shellac@altern.org