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52nd edition

La Batalla De Chile : El Golpe De Estado

Fortnight 1976, Feature film, 1h30


What happened in Chile in 1973 was decisive not only for the Chilean’s people history, but but also for the history of a large part of the world.
On eptembre 11, 1973 the Popular government is overthrown. President Allende’s body riddled with bullets symbolizes the death of the democratic and liberal system, the definitive destruction of the State system that was in place in Chile since the XIXth century.
Patricio GUZMAN


Patricio Guzman

From 1966 to 1969, Patricio Guzmán studied at the Official School of Cinema in Madrid. In the 1970’s, he observes Salvadore Allende’s government and produces and directs « La Batalla de Chile », a documentary trilogy on which he works with Chris Marker. The film that collects several major awards, is one of the basis of his work. Expatriated in Paris, he remains strongly attached to his country of origin and its history. He directs thus several documentaries about the 20th century Chile, focusing on two major political characters : Augusto Pinochet (« Le Cas Pinochet », 2001) and Salvador Allende (2004). He depicted too the struggle of the Catholic Church in defending Human Rights in « En nombre de Dios » (1987).

Jorge Müller

Pedro Chaskel

Production : EQUIPO TERCER ANO avec la collaboration de CHRIS MARKER et de l’ICAIC (Instituto Cubano des Arte e Industria Cinematograficos)

Title in Original Version : La Bataille Du Chili : Coup D'état