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52nd edition

La Ardilla Roja

Fortnight 1993, Feature film, 1 h 50


On a summer night, Jota, leaning against the parapet of a pier, tries to find enough courage to throw himself into the water that crashes against the rocks. Suddenly a motorbike hits the other side of the parapet, and Jota sees the biker fall heavily on the sand. He runs to his aid and notices, behind the helmet’s visor, the brown eyes of an amnesic girl. She can neither recall her name nor where she comes from. She has even forgotten the color of her eyes. The ambulance arrives, and Jota follows her to hospital. Registering her under the name of Lisa and pretending to be her boyfriend, he tells her that they have been living together for four years. The two strangers are about to live a scheming love story, filled with surprises and deception.


Julio Medem

He was born in San Sebastian. He got intersted in cinema when he was 18, making short films like El ciego, El jueves passado, Fideos etc He graduated in medicine and surgery. He quickly directed and won awards in festivals. He worked as an assistant director and as an editor on Cronica de Segunda Guerra Carlista, by José Maria Tuduri, La espala del cielo, by German Beltran and El Puente, by Koldo Eizaguirre. He wrote for reviews like Casablanca and Cinema. His first feature film Vacas won a Goya for best spanish first movie, and won grand prizes in Turin and Tokyo.

Carmelo Gomez
Emma Suarez
Kara Elejalde
Maria Barranco
Nancho Novo

Julio Medem

Kalo Berridi

Julio Recuero

Maria Helena Sainz de Rozas

Alberto Iglesias

Set decoration
Alvaro Machimbarrena


Title in Original Version : L'écureuil rouge


Prix de la jeunesse film étranger