52nd edition

Koroshi (Film noir)

Fortnight 2000, Feature film, 1h26


« Perhaps the life is like… Taking a bus for a long journey, continuously. By chance people being together there, Hating each other, abusing each other, Even though, we hope to understand each other, Never giving up, Should continue to journey. » A man who is gentle and honest, a typical Japanese salaried man, was laid off. He is hanging around a town with depressed heart, thinking of his loving wife and daughter. One day, he meets a stranger who offers him « a job ». The job is a murder… There is no choice. He accepts the request and gets a new job for his family. But a tragedy awaits in his future… The film takes place in the North of Japan but it shows the fantasy and the severe real world of the end of this century. The storm of the economic depression is still ranging all over the country and the end of it still seems to be far away… This is the beautiful world of the « film noir ».


  • Ken Ogata
  • Nene Otsuka
  • Ryo Ishibashi
  • Sansyo Shinsui


Masahiro Kobayashi

Akira Sakoh

Mitsuru Seya

Naoki Kaneko

Set decoration
Masahiro Kobayashi


Production :
Seiichi OnoMuseum Co 3-7-4
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fax : (81 3) 3479 6157

Monkey Town Productions

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