52nd edition

Komikku Zasshi Nanka Iranai

Fortnight 1986, Feature film, 2h


Last year, 1985, was an extraordinary year in Japan. There were many sensational events, such as the Japan Airlines accident, Toyota Trading Co case and Miura’s alleged murders, which attracted many kinds of journalists. I felt one very great danger was that many reporters treated these events as « excitements » instead of objectively reporting them as news. But as the interesting events increased, they propelled my film and created the reality for me. There was suddenly a very clear picture of contemporary Japon as well as warning for the future. The problem of « entertainment reporters » seemed to escalate. We now have a situation in Japan which maybe universal. Does the new media exist to interprete reality as objectively as possible or is it merely creating its own reality for the sake of excitement and entertainment? Some viewers have told me they though many events in the films were fabricated, but all the events were actual. A small part of the film was documentary, however most parts were reenacted according to the actual events. Yojiro Takita


  • Hirmi Go
  • Yoshio Harada
  • Yumi Asou Takeshi
  • Yuya Uchida


Yuya Uchida, Isao Takagi

Yoichi Shiga

Takanashi Sugisaki

Masatsugi Kanazawa

Katsuo Ono


Production : New Century Producers Co Ltd, Tokyo, Japon Vente à l’étranger : Kuzui Enterprises Inc., New York, USA

Title in Original Version : Comic Magazine