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52nd edition


Fortnight 1999, Feature film, 1h30


In an apartment house built between the wars, contacts among neighbors have been on the decline. On the ground floor, there’s an old alcoholic and his wife, who fulminates against him and their 16-year-old daughter. Mornings, he sometimes sweeps up in a hairdressing salon or transports merchandise to earn some cash, which he immediately spends on beers with a drinking companion, a depressed young worker. On the same landing, lives an old shoemaker who only has his cats to caress. On the first floor, a dysfunctional young couple. The apartment across the way is occupied by a grandmother of aristocratic background who wants to protect her daughter and granddaughter from bad influences. Nothing of what is said or done escapes the attention of a group of kids who use the building courtyard as a playground.


Valdas Navasaitis

Born in Lithuania and studied ecology and zoology. He left St Petersbourg to settle in Moscou where he studied cinema and direction. He was a screenwriter and a director at Kinema studios, in Vilnius.

Albinas Keleris
Donatas Banionis
Egle Mikulionyte
Jurate Aniulyte
Pranas Dapshauskas
Rasa Samuolyte
Richardas Vitkaitis
Tatjana Liutajeva

Valdas Navasaitis

Rimvydas Leipus

Sergej Siniavskij

Mingaile Murmulaitiene

Set decoration
Jurij Grigorovic

production : Studio Uljana Kim, Pagiriai 17-41, 4017 Vilniaus Raj, Lituanie, Tél. : (370 2) 62 54 22, Fax : (370 2) 60 52 82 Les Films de l’Observatoire, 3 rue de Niederbronn, 67300 Schiltigheim, France, Tél. : 33 (0) 3 88 19 42 02, Fax : 33 (0) 3 88 19 42 04 vente à l’étranger : Media Luna International Film Sales, Alter Markt 36-42, 50667 Cologne, Allemagne, Tél. : (49 221) 139 22 22, Fax : (49 221) 139 22 24

Title in Original Version : La Cour