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52nd edition

Kicked In The Head

Fortnight 1997, Feature film, 1 h 27


 » Kicked in the Head  » follows the hilarious misadventures of Redmond, a hapless denizen of the Lower East Side, through a particularly frenetic four-day period. Troublesome relatives, crazy friends, weird women, gangsters, the exploding Hindenburg, a pesky brick of cocaine, prophetic fortune cookies, subway shoot-outs,  » Planet of the Apes  » – Redmond’s life is a full if chaotic one ; The adventure begins when Redmond, finding himself evicted and unemployed, decides to crash with his old buddy Stretch, where he figures he can take it easy and leisurely pursue his spiritual quest for  » truth « . Not likely. Stretch, a whacked out beer distributor in the middle of a violent turf war, wants him to come work for him, as does Redmond’s Uncle Sam, a good-hearted, small-time criminal. Conned into running an errand for his uncle out in Queens, Redmond chances upon what he thinks is his salvation on the subway – a beautiful flight attendant named Megan…


Matthew Harrison

He was born in New York and studied at the Cooper Union School of Art. He started making short films in 1969 ( Apartment Eight, “Waking Up, Crazy, Two Boneheads… ). Spare Me was his first feature film, awarded in Avignon in 1993. His second full length film, Rhythm Thief, won the prize of the jury for best direction in Sundance. He was recently completing The Good Life.

Burt Young
James Woods
Kevin Corrigan
Lili Taylor
Linda Fiorentino
Michael Rapaport
Olek Krupa

Matthew Harrison, Kevin Corrigan

John Thomas, Howard Krupa

Jan McLaughlin

Michael Berenbaum

Set decoration
Ford Wheeler

PRODUCTION : Cappa Productions 445 Park Avenue, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10022 Tél. : (1-212) 906 8812 Fax : (1-212) 906 8813 VENTES A L’ETRANGER : Ciby Sales 10 Stephen Mews, London WIPIPP Tél. : (44-171) 333 88 77 Fax : (44-171) 333 88 78