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52nd edition

Kavkazski Plennik

Fortnight 1996, Feature film, 1 h 35


War rages in the Caucasus. Two wounded Russian soldiers are taken to a mountain village by a Chechen, Abdul-Murat, who hopes to exchange the two soldiers against his son, made prisoner by the Russian army. While the two soldiers attempt to escape, one is killed. The exchange can no longer take place, all the more since Abdul-Murat’s son was also shot dead during a collective escape from the prison he was kept in. The surviving young Russian, mistreated, is kept in chains in a deep hole. Abdul-Murat’s daughter, who has fallen in love with him, tries desperatly to help him out. She knows that her father, urged by the village people, is about to kill him. But Abdul-Murat takes the Russian far from the village, putting an end to the inoxerable chain of murders…


Sergueï Bodrov

Born in Siberia, he graduated at the V.G.IK in Moscou. He started writing short stories in a review. He wrote more than 30 playwrights that were adapted. He stopped because of censorship ans directed a feature film; the next one, dealing with Afghanistan, was banished but won many international prizes and could release. He now works with Russia as well as foreign countries. He co-produced Smebody to love he had writen with Alexandre Rockwell. He also wrote a novel (Actes Sud Publishing).

Djemal Sikharulidzé
oleg Menchikov
Sergueï Bodrov Jr.
Susanna Mekhralieva

A. Aliev, Sergueï Bodrov, Boris Giller

Pavel Lebechev

Ekaterina Popova-Evans

O. Grinchpoun, A. Baril

Leonid Dessiatnikov

Set decoration
Valeri Kostrine

PRODUCTION : B.G Production / Caravan 9/11 Tchaïkovski Str., Almaty, 480004, Kazakhstan Tél. : (7-3272) 329735 Fax : (7-3272) 399895 Comité d’Etat à la Cinématographie de Russie VENTE A L’ETRANGER : Boris Giller, Edward Krapivsky, c/o Caravan

Title in Original Version : Le prisonnier du Caucase


Prix du Public de la ville de Cannes,Prix FIPRESCI