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52nd edition

Kamel s’est suicidé six fois, son père est mort

Fortnight 2008, Short film, 9mn


One evening, my grandfather Tahar died in palliative care. Zouina, his stepdaughter is there. Aziz, his son is there. Fayçal is there. I am there. God is not there ? Kamel arrives too late.


Soufiane Adel

A graduate of the National School of Industrial Design in Paris, Soufiane Adel been scenographer for different cultural events and institutions (the Photography Encounters of Arles, the Telemar cultural center in Rio de Janeiro, etc.) He has also directed documentary and fiction shorts which have had major festival exposure. In 2007, he was chief sound engineer on a documentary by Angela Terrail.

Aziz Adel
Farid Adel
Fayçal Adel
Jean-Marie Lebouc
Kamel Adel
Soufiane Adel
Zouina Adel

Soufiane Adel

Angela Terrail

Thomas Buet

Angela Terrail

Production : G.R.E.C. 14, rue Alexandre Parodi 75010 Paris France Tél : +33 (01) 44 89 99 99 Fax : +33 (01) 44 89 99 94 Distribution : G.R.E.C. Marie-Anne Campos