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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019


Fortnight 1973, Feature film, 109'


Ikka Kita is a revolutionary, who suffers when he is brought his younger brother’s clothes, still smeared with his blood. Ikka’s brother followed the revoltionary’s precept and acted, attempting on the life of a finantial group manager and then, unable to escape, killing himself. Now, Ikka is more determined than ever to take his own teachings to the ultimate end, the «coup d’etat».


Yoshishige Yoshida

Yoshida Yoshishige, one of the. central figures of post-new wave Japanese cinema.

Akiko Kurano
Key Linuma
Mancho Tsuji
Masako Yagi
Rentaro Mikuni
Tadahiko Sugano
Taketoshi Naitô
Yasuyo Matsumura
Yazue Miyake

Minoru Betsueki

Genkichi Hasegawa

Prod : Gendai Eiga Sha
c/o Hiroko Govaers
32, rue de Lübeck
75116 Paris

Title in Original Version : Coup D'état