52nd edition


Fortnight 1970, Feature film, 106'


The cigar-smoking French writer, George Sand and her lover, the composer-pianist Chopin have rented a former monastery in Mallorca as a winter retreat. They have even shipped a piano to the site, so that Chopin can continue his work. However, what promised to be a warm, sunny vacation turns sour as the locals disapprove of Sand, the servants are surly and mysterious, and the monastery is cold. She has her revenge, however. She wrote the book A Winter in Mallorca about her miserable winter retreat. This film follows that book closely, with concern for historical accuracy, which did not increase the Spanish filmmakers’ popularity with their countrymen.


  • Chris. Sandford
  • Enrique San Francisco
  • Henri Serre
  • les mimes
  • Lucia Rose
  • Maria Esteva
  • Miguel Beltran


Jaime Camino et Roman Gubern


Prod. Tibidabo Films S.A. Balmes, 177,3°,2a Barcelone 6 et Estela Films – Madrid

Title in Original Version : Un Hiver A Majorque