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52nd edition


Fortnight 1992, Short film, 22 mn


Juliette, 14, is a 2nd generation Arab immigrant, the youngest of three. Their parents’ apartment – where they all live – is too small, often making the presence of “the other” unbearable. In a case like this, all that is left is the street or the parking lot, the favourite meeting point of the neighborhood youths. But little Juliette is getting bored with them, and she craves for something else, like breaking the etablished order, opening new horizons. She dreams about meeting someone who would drag her out of this daily routine.


Didier Bivel

Born in 1963 in Paris. He directed a short film « L’Arnaque », in competition in films festivals. Then he made reports for a national TV show.

Didier Bivel, Djémila Djarbi

Pierre Millon, Emmanuelle Lefur

André Rigaud

Hélène Noir, Pauline Dairou

Gaël “Batterie à bouche”

PRODUCTION / VENTE A L’ETRANGER : Stellaire Productions