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52nd edition

José Jeannette

Fortnight 1993, Short film, 7 mn


José asks Jeannette who just left him to join him at his place for the last time. The device he installed provokes his death when the door opens. She has a fex seconds to save him…


Bruno Nicolini

He studied in the USA and started photography at the Loeb Studio in Paris. He started working on a TV serie and continued working as a floor manager on clips, advertising ad fictional movies such as Le Brasier of Eric Barbier. In 1990, he directed and co-produced his first short film Nada lézard.

Bénédicte Loye
Serge Kribus

Bruno Nicolini, Olivier Sarfati

Pascal Prouvot Sethon

Paolo de Jésus

Anne-Marie Cotteret

Les Embouteillages

Set decoration
Philippe Dufour

PRODUCTION : L.S.F. Productions