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52nd edition

John Wayne Hated Horses

Fortnight 2009, Short film, 10mn


A father and his young son share a house, a yard, and very different ideas about masculinity and appropriate uses of army toys.


Andrew T. Betzer

Andrew T. Betzer (1974) is a 2000 graduate of the University of Maryland (UMBC) film program. He resides in the New York area and works at Cineric Inc., restoring/preserving films ranging from Dr. Strangelove to the films of Robert Downey Sr. In addition, he also performs most of the lab work on his own films.

Anton Saunders
Mark Derbaremdiker

Andrew T. Betzer

Sean Williams

John Bosch

Andrew T. Betzer

Robert Pollard

Set decoration
Chip Williams

Production : Andrew T. Betzer Film Production 8 Magnolia Ave. Apt.2 Jersey City New Jersey 07306 États-Unis Tél : +1 410-274-3868 Fax : +1 212-582-3744 ventes à l’étranger / foreign sales : Andrew T. Betzer Film Production