52nd edition

Je m’appelle Victor

Fortnight 1993, Feature film, 1 h 42


Basile is 11 and he is in love (as you can be when you are that age) with Cécile, a pretty 16 year-old girl. To draw her attention, Basile makes her believe that he is reincarnated. For that purpose, he uses the memories of Rose, who lives on the second floor of Basile’s grandparents’ house, since the end of World War II, while all the people in the village think she disappeared. A warm feeling of tenderness develops between her and the child. Cécile, troubled at first by Basile’s strangeness, becomes attached to him, touched by his obstinacy to charm her.


  • Brigitte Bémol
  • Claudio Bucella
  • Dominique Pinon
  • Ernst Jacobi
  • Jeanne Moreau
  • Julien Guiomar
  • Maria Schrader
  • Micheline Presle
  • Olivier Ythier


Guy Jacques, Emmanuel List

Jérôme Robert

Frank Struys

Susana Rossberg

Set decoration
Jean Rabasse


Production : Les Productions Dussart, Paris, France vente à l’étranger : Mainstream, Paris, France Distribution : Bac Films, Paris, France