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52nd edition

Jagdfieber – The Hunting Fever

Fortnight 2009, Short film, 22mn


Jagdfieber – Hunting fever is a state in which one becomes the animal one is pursuing. It’s a pursuit, a quest throughout the seasons of life.


Alessandro Comodin

Born in Frioul, a border town in northeast Italy, in 1982. He discovered the cinema thanks to Pasolini’s dialect poetry. After post-graduate literature studies in Bologna, which brought him to Paris, he was admitted into the INSAS in Brussels, where he has just completed his final year in directing.

Bernard Thamié
les chasseurs de Sauliac sur Célé
Stéphane Ségala

Alessandro Comodin

Alessandro Comodin

Julien Courroye

Alessandro Comodin

Arnold Schönberg, Julien Courroye

Production : INSAS 8 rue thérésienne 1000 Bruxelles Belgique Tél : +32 2 511 92 86 Fax : +32 2 511 02 79 Co-Production : Atelier de réalisation (Belgique)

Title in Original Version : Jagdfieber