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52nd edition


Fortnight 1969, Feature film,


A volunteer troop of middle-aged men gather to defend their country from dark shrouded foreign invaders. Hearing the summons from an elderly man, the group quickly mobilizes as they change into their light-colored costumes. Political upheaval and gangland warfare threaten the last remnants of a civilized society out of touch with the rest of the world. A poet, a modern Don Juan and a man who loves violence are just some of the victims brought down by the enemy. A femme fatale captures the Don Juan, and the violent man is shot while watching a television western. This marks the directorial debut of Hugo Santiago.


Hugo Santiago

He is a figure of a kind of Argentinian cinema. His work can not be classified and questions about picture in other arts. He first had a carreer as a writer. He then dedicated to the Film Institute and cine clubs. He settled inf France in 1959. He travelled in Europe with Robert Bresson. He did research on the hightening of writing concepts and cinema read. Back in Buenos Aires, he made two medium length films and Invasion, his first feature film. In 2001, he directed Le loup de la côte ouest produced by Paulo Branco.