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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019

Inimene, Keda Polnud

Fortnight 1990, Feature film, 1H38


This is the story of a woman in a decaying world. Since 1939, the Baltic countries are part of this chaos. The heroine, Imbi, excels in reproducing the voices of the people round about her. This very unusual talent catered for her glory, before dragging her down towards decline. The picture can be considered historically accurate and symbolic. In this respect, the film should be equally accepted by audiences with various percpetions of history. Peeter Simm


Peeter Simm

He was born in Estonia. He studied direction at the Cinema Institute of Moscou, with A. Stopler. He made documentaries and short films. He performed in N. Soosaar’s film La Nativité à Vigala and worked at Tallinfilm studios. There he made his first feature film in 1980. He directed four more films and other documentaries.

Andres Lepik
Katri Horma
Mari Simm
Raine Loo
Rita Raave
Sulev Luik
Tônu Kilgas
Tônu Raadik

Toomas Raudam

Ago Ruus

Rein Urm

Sirje Haagel, Helju Söerd

Tönu Raadik

Set decoration
Ronald Kolmann, Hardi Volmer

Production : Tallinfilms Studios en Estonie Vente à l’étranger : Sovexport Films à Paris

Title in Original Version : L'homme qui n'existait pas