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52nd edition

In Absentia

Fortnight 2000, Short film, 20 mn


A woman alone in a room repeatedly writes a letter with tiny broken off pieces of pencil lead. Outside her window, vistas of ever changing light register her every emotion.


Les frères Quay

They were born in Philadelphia. They studied at the College of Art in Philadelphia and at the College of Art in London. In 1980, they founded Koninkck. They produced and directed animation movies with puppets; they also made documentaries, advertising and works inspired of Kafka, Bruno Schulz, Robert Walser. They work with opera scenic designers, or play or ballet scenic designers. They directed ballet films for Channel 4.

Marlene Kaminsky

Les frères Quay

Les frères Quay

Les frères Quay

Karlheinz Stockhausen

Set decoration
Les frères Quay

Production :
Keith Griffiths
Illuminations Films / Koninck
19-20 Rheidol Mews
Rheidol Terrace
Londres N1 8NU, Royaume-Uni
tél.: (44 207) 288 8400
fax : (44 207) 359 1151 

BBC Pipeline Films 

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