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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019

Il Regno Di Napoli

Fortnight 1978, Feature film, 2h05


In February 1977, I spent three weeks in Naples to work on a script. I have known this city for almost fifteen years, famous for its incredible density of life, for the variety of its dialects and for its economic and social misery. My film is the linear narrative of a napolitan family, of its hope of emancipation, of the worries brought about by its poverty, of its fait hand of the outcome of their hopes. Werner SCHROETER


Werner Schroeter

Born in Georgenthal, Germany, in 1945, Werner Schroeter studied psychology at the University of Mannheim. In 1967, he began to make 8mm films under the influence of American avant-garde cinema. In the early 70s, he began to stage plays and in 1979, operas, as well. His first feature, « Eika Katappa » (1969) won the Josef von Sternberg Prize. « The Death of Maria Malibran » (1971) marked the first appearance of a leitmotif that could be said to crystallize his work the death of a singer, who dies from too much singing. « Reign of Naples » (1978) reflects his personal vision of this city, seen through the destiny of several picturesque individuals, over a 30-year period. Two years later, « Palermo or Wolfsburg » won the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival. In 1996, Locarno awarded him a Leopard of Honor for his career and screened his film, « Love’s Debris ».

Antonio Orlando
Christina Donadio
Dino Mele
Maria Antonietta Riegel
Renata Zamengo
Romeo Giro
Tiziana Ambretti

Werner Schroeter

Thomas Mauch

Ursula West, Werner Schroeter

M. Tregadio


Title in Original Version : Le Royaume De Naples