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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019

Il pleut toujours où c’est mouillé

Fortnight 1974, Feature film, 1h35


André, a young farmer, doesn’t want to take sides. To him, politics are all the same and create nothing but trouble. Marianne, his wife, would like things to change. More mechanization, more credits to pay back, more work to be done. Jacques, the town’s notary, city official close to the political majority, thinks that all that matters his to be on the strongest side. Claire, the young school teacher, has a very personnal view on the country – the one we usually have in the cities. Pierre, young farmer friend of André, union representative, gets into the election fight with all his heart. Raoul does the same thing but not on the same side – he is paid to do anything and everything to win. A town, its inhabitants, the way some of them will eventually understand that « It always rain where it’s already wet », that’s to say « you only loan money to the rich ». Jean-Daniel Simon


Jean-Daniel Simon

Born in 1941, he starts working in the film industry at 17. He was the assistant of french directors such as Vadim, Lelouch, Boisrond, Reichenbach before he became a TV director at the ORTF on different shows : « Cinq colonne à la une », « Dim-Dam-Dom », « Pour le cinéma », etc. He directs his first long feature, « La Fille d’en face », in 1967.

Daniel Langlet
Jacques Portet
Jacques Serre
Jean le Mouel
Myriam Boyer
Sylvie Fennec

Jean-Daniel Simon, Richard Bohringer, Jean-Pierre Petrolacci

Philippe Rousselot

Production : LES FILMS 2001 S.A. et V.M. PRODUCTIONS