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52nd edition

Il Bagno turco – Hamam

Fortnight 1997, Feature film, 1 h 34


Francesco is a self-confident, independent-minded young man and happy in his work. He’s been married for several years now to vivacious and expansive young Marta. Francesco receives a telegram from the Turkish embassy informing him that he must claim an inheritance left by his aunt Anita. He arrives in Istanbul where he learns that he is now the owner of a Turkish bath. He decides to remain in Turkey and restore the hammam. When Marta joins him some time later she finds him a radically changed man – serene and open to others. When she suprises him making love to Mehmet she is deeply perturbed. They spend the night talking things over that have gone unsaid in the course of their 10 years marriage. They decide to separate. Marta is ready to leave, but on the day of her departure, something unexpected occurs – and neither he nor she will ever return to italy.


Ferzan Ozpetek

He was born in Istanbul ans settled in Italy. He studied history of cinema in Roma. He attend classes at the Navona Academy, studied direction in theater at the Silvio d’Amico Academy of drama. He worked with Julian Beck and the Living Theater. He was an assistant director and a casting director. He worked on many full length films with Massimo Troisi, Maurizio Ponzi, Ricky Tognazzi, Francesco Nuti and Marco Risi. He made advertising and worked for Turkish papers like Milliyet and Sanat Dergisine.

Alessandro Gassman
Basak Koklukaya
Carlo Cecchi
Francesca d’Aloja
Halil Ergun
Mehmet Gunsur
Serif Sezer

Ferzan OzpetekStefano Tummolini

Pascale Mari

Marco Grillo

Muro Bonanni

Pivio, Aldo de Scalzi

Set decoration
Virginia Vianello, Mustafa Ziya Ulgenciler

PRODUCTION : Sorpasso Film viale Angelico, 35, 00195 Rome Tél. : (39-6) 372 91 98 / 372 45 84 Fax : (39-6) 372 34 59 Promete Films (Turquie) VENTES A L’ETRANGER : SACIS, Via Teulada, 66, 00195 Rome Tél. : (39-6) 374 981 Fax : (39-6) 372 34 92 Asbrell Productions (Espagne)

Title in Original Version : Hammam, Le bain turc