52nd edition

I Photographia

Fortnight 1987, Feature film, 1h42


Ilyas Apostolou is 26. He arrives in France in 1971 (year IV of the Greek Dictatory). He is taken in by a distant cousin, Gerassimos Tzivar an illiterate bachelot. Of what sin is Ilyas guilty and what god has he offended, when he puts in his wallet a few days before leaving Greece, together with Gerassimos address, the photo of a popular local singer he had found on the pavement a few days earlier? This one small act will lead to a series of events which will follow each other, beyond his will, until another act is accomplished, a monstrous act, and which will appear as the obvious conclusion of the first act. Was it because of an unattainable dream whose impertinence deserved to be sanctioned: returning to the native village one summer day, after having « wiped out poverty », driving a large car, second-hand maybe, triumphantly announced by the voice of this same singer, heard on a tape bellowing from the car? Nico Papatakis


  • Aris Retsos
  • Christos Tsangas
  • Christos Valavanidis
  • Despina Tomazani
  • Zozo Zarpa


Nico Papatakis

Aris Stavrou, Arnaud Desplechin

Thanassis Georgiadis, Alexis Pezas

Delphine Desfons

Christodoulos Chalaris

Set decoration
Nikos Meletopoulos


Production : Greek Film Center, Athènes, Grèce Vente à l’étranger : Centre du Cinéma Grec et les Films du Volcan

Title in Original Version : La Photo