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52nd edition

I Love a Man in Uniform

Fortnight 1993, Feature film, 1 h 39


He earns a living in banking. The day he gets a small part in the  » Crimewave” TV series, his life changes completely. Henry Adler is certainly a strange character. This 31-year-old bank clerk who dreams about being an actor lives a remote and solitary life far from the bustle of the city but cannot escape its omnipresent violence. Deeply upset by the robbery of his bank, he becomes obsessed with the amorality of the world he lives in. But is he really capable of dispensing justice? Appearances are not always deceptive. Henry leaves it up to Flanagan, the policeman he is to play in “Crimewave”, tirelessly rehearsing the part, going so far as to put on his uniform. Carried away by the sudden authority he projects, a gun at his waist, he patrols the streets, reprimanding offenders, like a pathetic buffoon caught out at his own dangerous game. Everything becomes confused…


David Wellington

He graduated at the Film Program of the CConcordia University and at the Director’s Program of the canadian Film Centre. He worked in advertising, made video clips and a full length film. As an editor, he worked on about ten clips and three more feature films: Rebel High, Zombie et Eviction. He made many short films. He worked on Norman Jewison’s film Other People’s Money.

Brigitte Bako
David Hemblen
Graham McPherson
Kevin Tighe
Tom McCamus

David Wellington

David Franco

Brian Day, Ao Loo

Susan Shipton

Ron Sures & The Tragically Hip

Set decoration
John Dondertman

PRODUCTION : Miracle Pictures Inc. VENTE A L’ETRANGER : Alliance Releasing International