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52nd edition

Hush !

Fortnight 2001, Feature film, 2h15


Naoya is living a self-centered life as a gay man, but he has the sense that there is something missing in his life. By chance, he meets and falls in love with Katsuhiro, and they begin to see each other. Then a woman named Asako appears on the scene and proposes that they conceive a child together. Naoya opposes the idea, and he is irritated with Katsuhiro, who has hidden his homosexuality and is generally indecisive. While caught in these tangled emotions, the three are visited by Katsuhiro’s brother and sister-in-law. The sister-in-law, obsessed with the division of the family’s property, has learned about Asako and wants to end her relationship with Katsuhiro. As Naoya, Katsuhiro and Asako struggle along, they reach a point where they must decide what family means and how they will choose to live their lives.


Hashiguchi Ryosuke

He was born in Japan. He studied cinema in Osaka. He directed TV and video programs. He wrote and a directed A TOUCH of Fever, shwon in many international festivals. Like Grains of Sand won Grand Prize in Rotterdam. He wrote novels, essays and scripts for TV and cinema. He recently played for TV.

Kataoka Reiko
Takahashi Kazuya
Tanabe Seiichi

Hashiguchi Ryosuke

Ueno Shogo

Takahashi Yoshiteru

Hashiguchi Ryosuke

Set decoration
Ogawa Fumio

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