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52nd edition

Hol Volt, Hol Nem Volt

Fortnight 1987, Feature film, 1h37


A few weeks before the birth of my first son, I was shattered to discover that a Hungarian law still stipulated that a fictitious father must be found for any children born « of an unknown father ». What happens if one day a child, for whatever reason, wants to meet his « father » ? And the civil servant who has to invent as many characters a year as are contained in a Balzac novel, how does he contend with his conscience ? This film is to be recommanded to any person who has ever been moved, even once, by the sight of a lonely child. Gyula Gazdag


Gyula Gazdag

He was born in Budapest and studied cinema. He became assistant director and made short films at the Bela Balasz studio. He directed his first feature film in 1971. He also worked in theater and TV.

Arpad Vermes
Eszter Csakanyi
Frantisek Husak
Maria Varga

Gyula Gazdag, Miklos Gyorffy

Elemer Riglayi

Gyorgy Fek

Julia Sivo

Istvan Martha

Production : Mafilm, Objektiv Studio, Budapest, Hongrie Vente à l’étranger : Hungarofilm, Budapest, Hongrie

Title in Original Version : Un Conte De Fées Hongrois