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52nd edition

Heian Zhi Guang

Fortnight 1999, Feature film, 1h42


Kang-i is a young girl, whose family business is masseurs. Most of her family are blind, so she helps her father and others to go to the customer’s houses. She met a young boy, A-ping, and they fell in love. A-ping is a gangster working in the underworld, and dies during a struggle with the opposite gangsters. Soon after that, Kang-i’s father dies of a disease. She has a hard time and wishes A-ping and her father to come back to life. Then, the season of the Lantern Festival comes. In China, they believe the dead come back home in that season…


Chang Tso-Chi

He was born in Taïwan. He graduated in cinema department at the culture university. He was an assistant director to Hou Hsia-Hsien for La cité des douleurs ( 1989 ), as well as Tsui Hark and Yim Ho. He is an author and a director in theater. He started direction for cinema in 1993. He owns his production company in Taipei.

Fan Jr-uei
He Huang-ji
Lee Kang-i
Lu Ing
Shie Bau-huei
Tsai Ming-shiou

Chang Tso-Chi

Chang Tsang

Lee Fu-shiung, Thio Hugo-Panduputra

Chen Po-wen

Thio Hugo-Panduputra

Set decoration
He Kuen-chiuan

Production : Lu Shih-yuan & Chen Hsi-sheng, Chang Tso-Chi Film Studio, 2F, N°1 Yuying St, Taipei, Taïwan, Tél. : (886 2) 8663 5179, Fax : (886 2) 8663 5182 vente à l’étranger : T-Mark Inc, 5-4-14 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052, Japon, Tél. : (81 3) 3584 6161, Fax : (81 3) 3584 6163

Title in Original Version : Darkness And Light