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52nd edition

Heartbreak Island

Fortnight 1995, Feature film, 1 h 58


Taiwan in the 70s, seeing the end of an old political reign and foreseeing a time of upheavals. Lin-lang witnesses her lover’s participation in a big political rally heralding the glory of democratic movements. Her dissident lover is later persecuted and jailed. Devastated by rumours of his death, Lin-lang becomes a radical and is captured and sentenced for 13 years. Set free, she learns too late her lover is still alive and is married with a child. Her old comrades are on the other hand facing new challenges from a changed world. Ideal lost, love lost… Lin-lang has to face the most critical moment of her life, all alone…


Hsu Hsiao-Ming

He was born in Taïwan. He had a training period in a cinema studio; he studied production, screenwriting and direction at the World College of Taipei. He was a second assistant director to Lee Hsing and worked with two of the most famous filmmakers in Taïwan: Chang Pei-cheng and Hou Hsiao-hsien. He stopped cinema for two years and made his first full length film, Dust of Angels, produced by Hou Hsia-hsien, shown at The Directors’ Fortnight. Heartbreak Island is his second feature film.

Chang Ching-ju
King Jieh-wen
Tsai Chen-nan
Vicky Wei

Cheng-Kuo, John S. C. Chiang d’après “Last Winter” de Tong Nien

Yang Wei-han

Tu Duu-chih

Chen Bo-wen

Chyi Chin & the Red Band

Set decoration
Chang Hung

Production : Hsu Hsiao-Ming Films, Taipei, Taïwan

Title in Original Version : L'ile du chagrin