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52nd edition

Head On

Fortnight 1998, Feature film,


« To yearn for things, to rail against family, against conventions, to go right to the edge… » Ari’s parents are in his face. Study. Stay home. Marry. Get a job. Lying is the only way to get them off his back. Little sister Alex is out there now. Got a Lebanezo boyfriend. Ari’s no-one to preach. He’s just glad to get his vibrator back. His brother Peter sits around his flat talking with his uni friends. Words don’t mean shit to Ari. And they don’t stop the boredom. Ari’s watching Sean who’s just moved in. Full on. Betty’s a friend and she hates it as much as Ari. Her Brother Joe has just sold out to the triple-fronted marriage and mortgage wog dream. Joe was always going to give in. His old friend Johnny wears a dress. A way of standing up against the hypocrisy. Ari’s not like Johnny. He wants to be a man and to have a man. Come on. Poutana skila. Whore dog. Ari’s been fed on his father’s insults. Now he wants the contempt of the respectable world. It’s his escape route. It’s the only way he can be free. Full on.


Ana Kokkinos

She was a lawyer working in research and industry before she was interested in cinema. In 1990, she wrote and directed 2 short films. She graduated at the VCA School of Film and TV; her 38 min film Antamosi won many awards. She worked as a screenwriter and a director with Mira Robertson for a medium length film, Only the brave, which had good reviews and released in Australia, the USA and in France in 1995. This film particpated in many international festivals and won the best screenplay award from the Australian Film Institute, the best film award in Melbourne and Sidney, for example. Head on is her first full length film.

Alex Dimitriades
Andrea Mandalis
Damien Fotiou
Elena Mandalis
Eugenia Fragos
Julian Garner
Paul Capsis
Tony Nikolakopoulos

Andrew Bovell, Ana Kokkinos, Mira Robertson d’après le roman de Christos Tsiolkas, “Loaded”.

Jaems Grant, ACS

Lloyd Carrick, Roger Savage, Craig Carter, Livia Ruzic

Jill Bilcock

Ollie Olsen

Set decoration
Nikki Di Falco

Production :
Jane Scott
Great Scott Productions
c/o Southern Star Film Sales
8 West Street, North Sydney
NSW 2060 Australie
tél. : (61 2) 9202 8555
fax : (61 2) 9956 6918

Vente à l’’étranger :
Southern Star Film Sales
8 West Street, North Sydney
NSW 2060 Australie
tél. : (61 2) 9202 8555
fax : (61 2) 9956 6918

Title in Original Version : De plein fouet