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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019

Hay Que Zurrar A Los Pobres

Fortnight 1992, Feature film, 1 H 30


At the Ezequiel boarding house live a group of outcasts: Delfin, an old “zarzuela” singer, obsessed with eliminating any trace of pilosity on his body – which he considers as the obvious sign of an obscure sexuality he attempts to repress; Khouma, a Mauritanian street hawker selling artifacts from his home country and white powder dreams; Fabiola and Gervasio, a couple tired of making love “in vivo” in an unhealthy place; Virginia, a single notions store employee, who keeps receiving letters she never opens for fear of being faced with the fleeting years and with bad news; Monica, the boarding house’s all-time employee, a piqued and ambitious woman… Old Ezequiel watches over them all, constantly controlling the schedules and behaviors of his pensioners. When he unexpectedly dies, anarchy takes a firm hold of this microcosm…


Santiago San Miguel

He was born in San Sebastian. He studied political sciences and cinema in Madrid. He is a screenwriter and a film critic. He started directing short and medium length films in 1962. He directed a play, Justas y torneos medievales. In 1967, he left Spain to Venezuela and worked in advertising. He directed 78 documentaries and other plays. In the 70’s he participated he the rebirth of Venezuelian cinema. In 1976, he dedicated to direction and back in Spain he founded Opalo Films and Moria Films. He made 6 feature films a produced Spanish and Venezuelian movies.

Ana Leza
Francisco Casares
Francisco Merin
Juan Ribo
Mireia Ros
Mulie Jarju
Perla Vonasek
Sandra Toral

Santiago San Miguel

Jose Luis Alcaine

J.A. Arigita, Jose Lumbreras

Luis Villar

Airs traditionnels

Set decoration
Isabel Dorante, Jaime Llorente

PRODUCTION : Altair P.F. S.A. Moria Films S.A. VENTE A L’ETRANGER : Altair P.F. S.A.

Title in Original Version : Pas de pitié pour les pauvres