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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019

Hauptlehrer Hofer

Fortnight 1975, Feature film, 2h


HAUPLEHRER HOFER was above all, for me, the village schoolmaster. I have placed him in a historical context and have shown the relationship between him and his young students.
I am as much interested in the schoolmaster as in his students. I have studied the lifestyle and working conditions of both, told the story of both.
I was more and more interested in representing the surrounding social groups though : the workers, the pastor and the children.
Finally, it is Hofer together with four or five other characters whose stories are told in the film.


Peter Lilienthal

Born in Berlin in 1929, Peter Lilienthal moved to Uruguay with his family in 1939 and only came back in Germany in 1956. He became member of the CineClub for which he directed his very first short feature. He studied painting, photography and cinema at the Hochschule fur Bildende Künste. He was the assistant of Heinz Hilpert, Gustav R. Selnner and Walter Henn. He then directs from 1959 around twenty films for television, before directing his first long feature « Malatesta » in 1969.

André Watt
Bernard Jenn
Daniel Reinhard
Eva Pampuch
Gerhard Sprunkel
Hanna Von Rezzori
Kim Parnass
Max Grothusen
Reinhard Pütz
Roland Muhr
Sebastian Bleisch
Tilo Prückner

Peter Lilienthal, Herbert Brödl, Gunter Herbruger

Kurt Weber

Production : FFAT FILM GmbH

Title in Original Version : Professeur Hofer