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52nd edition


Fortnight 1973, Feature film, 100'


Caspar is searching for his own identity. He travels (flees) to a foreign country whose civilisation and standard of living appear minimal. In a small village lyinf in a bay on the sea, he observes the life of the poverty-stricken population. He learns the conditions for independance. The village is controlled by a troop of uniformed men and terrorised by the legend of an island facing the bay. Caspar’s questions about the signifiance of the island are met with frightened silence from the inhabitants of the village. Caspar’s behaviour loses him the love of Maria and the trust of the population. He leaves the village. During the ritual of loading a boat with food taken from the inhabitants for delivery to the island, Caspar is discovered. Hunted by the men in uniform and the villagers, he flees to the island, and uncovers the background to the legend.


Xavier Koller

Born in Switzerland. After graduating from High School, Xavier Koller first went through a four-year apprenticeship as a precision toolmaker and then, after three years of training at the Academy of Drama in Zurich, Switzerland, graduated as an actor/director. The next several years he spent acting and directing at German and Swiss theatres. He did a number of TV-plays as an actor, directed commercials, acted in movies, and then started to write and direct feature films.

Anestis Giouroussi
Frangoulis Francoulis
Fred Tanner
Markus Mislin
Werner Lässer

X.Koller et Hans Schmidt

Hans Liechti

Jonas C. Haefeli

Prod : FILMTEAM ZURICH AG Limatquai 48 Zurich CH 8001