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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019

Guerra Conjugal

Fortnight 1975, Feature film, 1h30


GUERRA CONJUGAL presents a few cases of pathological love in the business-suit-and-tie civilization. A particular sort of mythology blossoms in the town of Curitiba, which could catually be anywhere and everywhere, in which plastic flowers and pink china elephants could spring up at any moment.
Here, a gallant middle ages lawyer, with such anachronic behaviour that he could be out of time itself, reveals himself unable to resist to the erotic call of young girls’ shoes, revealing dresses, beautiful widows mourning clothes or even dark circles under beautiful eyes and physical decay.
Here too, a rather sinister young man, still shy and vulnerable, but with an urban vampire personality which we can feel already through his strict suits and matching ties, hiding his body like a second-rate coffin.
Here finally, an abject old couple, who spend every night in the same huge black wood bed, that God forbid, we will ever sleep in.
Domestic servitude, ghastly kisses, varices, arteriosclerosis, ridiculous mouth noises, kitchen-sink erotism, senile covetousness, sharp slaps in the face, terrible interior design, doubts about sex, asthma, even the final victory of prostitution over old age – they all lead to the possibility of redemption through the excess of sin…
Joachim Pedro DE ANDRADE


Joaquim Pedro De Andrade

Joaquim Pedro de Andrade (May 25, 1932–September 10, 1988) was a Brazilian film director and screenwriter. He was a member of the Cinema Novo movement in Brazil. Andrade is best known for his 1969 film « Macunaíma », based (somewhat loosely) on the novel of the same title by Mário de Andrade.

Carlos Gregorio
Carmen Silva
Itala Nandi
Jofré Soares
Lima Duarte

Anisio Medeiros, Dalton Trevisan

Pedro de Moraes