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52nd edition

Grand bonheur

Fortnight 1993, Feature film, 2 h 45


A theatre: Paris, in the summer, deserted. Two protagonists: a group of students which is dismanting and a troupe of operetta actors which is forming. What is at stake (and on stage): real life.


Hervé Le Roux

He was a journalist and an assistant director to Alain Bergala making Incognito. Grand Bonheur is his first feature film. He recently was preparing a documentary, Reprise.

Benoît Régent
Charlotte Léo
Christine Vouilloz
Eva Ionesco
Lucas Belvaux
Maryline Canto
Nathalie Richard
Pierre Berriau
Pierre Gérard

Hervé Le Roux

Antoine Roch

Frédéric Ullman, Bernard Borel

Nadine Tarbouriech

Set decoration
Patrick Durand

Production, Distribution : Ognon Pictures, Paris, France Vente à l’étranger : UGC, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France