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52nd edition


Fortnight 2003, Feature film, 2h09mn


Minami, a young Yakuza, respects his elder, Ozaki, who is his Aniki (« brother »), and once saved his life. However, their boss asks Minami to kill Ozaki who seems to be losing his mind. Minami, confused about his loyalties, takes Ozaki to the Yakuza disposal dump in Nagoya, but tragedy strikes on the way there. Minami is thrown into a world of experiences he has never known before…


Takashi Miike

Japanese filmmaker Takashi Miike is one of the most notable and controversial directors working today. Although Miike is known internationally for his horror-like elements, he has worked in many different genres, often combining them in a unique and audacious way.

Hideki Sone
Kimika Yoshino
Sho Aikawa

Sakichi Sato

Kazunari Tanaka

Hitoshi Tsurumaki

Yasushi Shimamura

Koji Endo

Set decoration
Akira Ishige

Production, Ventes à l’étranger et Presse internationale : Harumi Sone Kana Koido The Klockworx co. Ltd MF Bldg. 4F, 1-6-10 Ebisu Minami Shibuya 150-0022 Tokyo Japon Tél : +813 5720 7791 Fax : +813 5720 7792 Coproductions : Rakuei-sha (Japon)