52nd edition

Gouloubye Gory

Fortnight 1985, Feature film, 1h37


I always try to make the most conventional characters who behave in unrealistic ways the most believable and sincere. I apply this rule to all facets of the film. Whatever it is, every detail should be realistic and believable. I have the feeling that I could make a film that would be different from everything I have done so far. I will make it without hesitating. It will not be a betrayal to my style. The is not only one style: but trust to life, to one’s eyes, to one’s feelings. Eldar Chenguelaia


  • Ivan Sakvarelidze
  • Ramaz Guiorgobiani
  • Teimouraz Tchigadze
  • Vassili Kakhnichvili


Revaz Tcheichvili, Eldar Chenguelaia

evan Paatachvili

Guia Kantcheli


Production : Studio Grousia Film Vente à l’étranger : Sovexport, Paris, France

Title in Original Version : Les Montagnes Bleues