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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019

Golden Eighties

Fortnight 1986, Feature film, 1h32


A musical About love and business A tender, zany burlesque. It all begins in a shopping center. The space makes each one the spectator of all the others and each one is an actor in spite of himself: the ideal place for a musical comedy. The show is everywhere. Long marble alleys, silent staircases, the gently warm air, seemingly beyond time, history and bad weather, but nearby… Behind the window-panes of the shops, painted faces can be seen, sometimes you catch a glimpse, usually it is of a woman. Women who did not always choose to find themselves behind a window-pane, where there are almost exposed as what they are supposed to be selling, at times as well lit up. Like actresses, but without the pleasure of the stage, like women who sell their bodies, while theirs, only serves to sell. And they seem to be the last of the stars under their bright lights, untouchable, and yet so near, only separated from the public by an ever open glass door. Chantal Akerman


Chantal Akerman

Born in Brussels in 1950. Directed her first short film in 1968, film in which she was the only actor and which already looked forward to the director’s unusual vision of our daily environment, with its blend of black humor, fantasy and insolence. Directed her first feature in New York in 1972, but it was with « Jeanne Dielman » that critics and audiences discovered her work. In her most recent work she has alternated documentaries and autobiographical fiction: « Sud » (documentary, 1999), « La Captive » (fiction, 2000), « De l’autre côté » (documentary, 2002), « Demain on déménage » (fiction, 2004) et « Là-bas » (documentary, 2006).

Charles Denner
Delphine Seyrig
Fanny Cottençon
Jean-François Balmer
John Berry
Myriam Boyer
Nicolas Tronc
Pascale Salkin

Chantal Akerman, Jean Gruault, Pascal Bonitzer

Gilberto Azevedo, Luc Benhamou

Henri Morelle, Miguel Rejas

Francine Sandberg

Marc Herouet

Production : La Cecilia, Paris, France Paradise Films, Bruxelles, Belgique Limbo Films, Zurich, Suisse