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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019

Gokudo daisenso

Fortnight 2015, Feature film, 1h55


Yakuza boss Kamiura is a legend. Rumored to be unkillable, the truth is he is a vampire – a vampire yakuza boss! Among Kamiura’s gang is the loyal Kageyama. However, the young Kageyama is looked down on by the other yakuzas due to the sensitive skin that prevents him from being tattooed.
One day, men arrive from abroad and deliver Kamiura an ultimatum : return to the syndicate he left years ago or die. Kamiura refuses and, during a fierce battle, is torn limb from limb. With his dying breath, Kamiura passes on his powers to Kageyama. As his newfound abilities awaken, Kageyama’s desire to avenge his boss sets him on a violent confrontation with the seemingly unstoppable foreign syndicate.


Takashi Miike

One of Japan’s most successful filmmakers, Takashi Miike has directed almost one hundred films. He has been thrilling audiences worldwide with movies such as Audition (1999), Ichi the Killer (2001) and 13 Assassins (2010). Now, Miike returns to the hard-driven style of his early filmmaking career with Yakuza Apocalypse.

Hayato Ichihara
Yayan Ruhian

Yoshitaka Yamaguchi

Hajime Kanda

Jun Nakamura

Kenji Yamashita

Koji Endo

Set decoration
Akira Sakamoto

Production :
OLM, Inc.
Mikami Bldg. 7F,
1-18-10 Wakabayashi, Setagaya-ku
154-0023 Tokyo – Japon
T : +81 3 3795 8897

Coproduction :
Django Film Corporation (Japon)

Ventes / Foreign sales :
Nikkatsu Corporation
T : +81 3 5689 1014
Backup Media Group
T : +33 1 47 70 02 34
Amérique du Nord
XYZ Films
T : +1 310 956 1550

Presse nationale & internationale / National & international press :
Pauline Matter
01 47 70 02 34

Title in Original Version : Yakuza Apocalypse

Press release

“Takashi Miike’s martial arts extravaganza is foolish, transgressive, and just about the best fun you can have in a cinema” ///The Telegraph

“La grande farce délirante de Takashi Miike” /// Première