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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019


Fortnight 1976, Feature film, 1h30


Yesterday, the inhabitants of Brazil’s Nordeste had to leave their lands because of their lack of water. Nowadays, the floods are the ones expelling them… Withdrawn from their usual surroundings, the People keeps on holding to his traditions and believes nonetheless – while prgress in asserting itself thanks to the power of money…
Jorge BODANSKY and Orlando SENNA


Jorge Bodansky

Following « Iracema, uma transa amazônica », Georges Sadoul prize in 1975, and selected at the Critics’ Week in Cannes 1976, « Gitirana » is Jorge Bodansky’s second feature film. He was before cinematographer on some 12 long feature, and worked on and directed numerous short films.

Orlando Senna

Working for the stage and cinema, Orlando Senna, originally from the Nordeste and born in 1940, directed his irst feature film in 1969 : « A Construção da Morte ». With Jorge Bodansky, he directed « Iracema, uma transa amazônica » (1974) and « Gitirana » (1976), a mix of fiction and actual reporting. He also directed around 20 sort films. He wrote the script of Hector Babenco’s « O Rei da Noite » (1975), Geraldo Sarno’s « Coronel Delmiro Gouveia » (1977) ; was cinema professor in Cuba and Brazil, and worked as journalist.

Conceiçao Senna
Gaston Caldes
José Gonsalves Da Silva
les Populations du Nordeste
Waldir Ramos

Orlando Senna

Jorge Bodansky

Eva Grundmann

Folklore brésilien

Production : STOP FILM