52nd edition

Gazl El Banat

Fortnight 1985, Feature film, 1h40


If I take my strengh from somewhere it is doubtless from the crossroads of East and West. I take what I like from one or the other. From the East, I like the sun, the sea, the wisdom, a taste for life that makes up for the horror that is experienced. From the West, I like another open-mindedness, another elegance. I have the feeling I belong to a different generation that still bears witness to this once attained symbiosis. If I have taken, and made others take risks, in shooting a feature film in wartime Beirut, it was so as to dare to believe that one day, life will recover all its rigts there. Jocelyne Saab


  • Hala Bassam
  • Jacques Weber
  • Juliet Berto


Gérard Brach

Claude La Rue

Philippe Gosselet

Siegfried Kessler


Aleph, Liban – Cinevideo, Canada – Sygmarc, Paris, France Vente à l’étranger : Sygmarc et Aleph

Title in Original Version : Une vie supendue