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52nd edition

Gazl El Banat

Fortnight 1985, Feature film, 1h40


If I take my strengh from somewhere it is doubtless from the crossroads of East and West. I take what I like from one or the other. From the East, I like the sun, the sea, the wisdom, a taste for life that makes up for the horror that is experienced. From the West, I like another open-mindedness, another elegance. I have the feeling I belong to a different generation that still bears witness to this once attained symbiosis. If I have taken, and made others take risks, in shooting a feature film in wartime Beirut, it was so as to dare to believe that one day, life will recover all its rigts there. Jocelyne Saab


Jocelyne Saab

She was born in Beyrouth. She studied economics in Paris. Since 1973, she directed a lot for TV. In 1981, she was an assistant to Volker Schloendorff on Faussaire. Gazl el banat is her first feature film.

Hala Bassam
Jacques Weber
Juliet Berto

Gérard Brach

Claude La Rue

Philippe Gosselet

Siegfried Kessler

Aleph, Liban – Cinevideo, Canada – Sygmarc, Paris, France Vente à l’étranger : Sygmarc et Aleph

Title in Original Version : Une vie supendue