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52nd edition from May 13 to 23, 2020


Fortnight 2013, Short film, 18 min


A ten-year-old boy struggles with the bitterness of life in summer camp. It’s not easy being ignored by the apple of his eye and see his dorm vandalized by near adolescent hoods. Fortunately, in the forest, the dahus still refuse to show themselves.


João Nicolau

João Nicolau was born in Lisbon, Portugal. He has been a director, editor, actor and musician. He has directed a documentary, short films, and the feature L’Épée et la Rose.

Ana Sofia Ribeiro
Isabel Portugal
Paulo Duarte Ribeiro
Pedro Leitão
Tomás Franco

João Nicolau

Mário Castanheira

Vasco Pimentel

Telmo Churro, João Nicolau

Mariana Ricardo

Production :
O Som e a fúria
Av. Almirante Reis, 113 – 5º, Esc. 505
1150-014 Lisbonne, Portugal
Tél: +351 213 582 518
Fax: +351 213 582 520

Coproduction :
Les Films du Bélier (France)

Title in Original Version : Wild Haggis