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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019

Fuera De Aqui!

Fortnight 1977, Feature film, 1h42


This film is not a single person’s work, nor a single author’s, it is the collective work of my colleagues from the AKAMAU Group, and it is also the work of many farmers friends who took a great part in its achievement. Its aim is quite clear : to be a means of liberation, a weapon in the war for independance which we, Latin Americans, are waging against imperialism. The events shown in this film are drawn from documents and facts which we have reconstituted to unmask our ennemies. These are the ones who have been over the years carrying out a horrible genocide, exterminating our population. They are trying to weaken and to destort our national cultures in order to be able to impose their consumer habits and their individualistic concepts. We fight to remain ourselves and we assert the right to develop our own culture. We remain attached to this deeply human culture as it still survives in our tradictions and in our vision of reality. This is why our film is not only a denounciation, and if it is above all a weapon, it also wants to be a tribute to human solidarity and to the invincible strength of a united people. Jorge SANJINES


Jorge A. Sanjines

Jorge Sanjinés was born 1937. He studied philosophy in Bolivia, then cinema in Chile. Filmmaker and committed theorician, he directed documentaries and long features about dependency, the underdevelopment and the explotation of Indians. Several times, he is forced to leave his country for political reasons. He is with the screenwriter Oscar Soria founder of the Ukumau group, whoch name comes from Sanjines’ first long feature. It advocated for a cinematic expression reflecting the prigins of the country’s situation, trying to emphasize the values of local cultures. Its films show life as it is perceived by Andean men. This cinematic language is best used in the group’s last film, « La Nacion clandestina » (1989).

Jorge Sanjines A., Béatriz Palacio

Jorge Vignati

Alejandro Orozco

Jatari (Équateur), Los Rupay (Bolivie)

Production : GRUPO UKAMAU

Title in Original Version : Hors D'ici