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52nd edition


Fortnight 1994, Feature film, 1 H 55


Fresh, a seemingly ordinary twelve year-old Brooklyn boy is actually far more complex than it appears. He is the neighborhood « do-anything », a kid who runs heroin for the charismatic Esteban and steers crack for local runners-whatever pays. Fresh also worries about getting to school on time and staying in the good graces of his aunt Frances, with whom he and his eleven cousins live. Among his many secrets, Fresh travels to Washington Square Park where he receives valuable lessons in speed chess from his father, a near-vagrant genius whom Fresh is forbidden to see. Fresh learns from his father that he must think of his feet, and use all the pieces on the board-even sacrifice his favorites, the ones he loves the most-in order to capture the king and win. As he makes his way through the neighborhood, from the streets to the school to the projects where he lives, events out of his control begin to coalesce in a terrifying web, and Fresh must invent and instigate the ultimate game in order to survive…


Boaz Yakin

He graduated at the New York College and at the New York University. He wrote many screenplays for the United Artists, the Warner Bros and White Eagle Productions ( Silvester Stallone’s company ). Two of his screenplays were adapted on screen: The Punisher, directed by Mark Goldblatt en 1989 and The Rookie, directed by Clint Eastwood.Fresh is his first feature film; it was awarded twice in Sundance.

Giancarlo Esposito
Jean LaMarre
Jose Zunig
Ron Brice
Samuel L Jackson
Sean Nelson

Boaz Yakin

Adam Holender, ASC

Michael Barosky

Dorian Harris

Stewrd Copeland

Set decoration
Dan Leigh