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52nd edition


Fortnight 2014, Short film, 26 min


Anna and her partner have well-paid jobs, intense sex and morning jogging. She slowly feels the breakdown of this world she’s hanging on to. She’s rotting from inside.


Aga Woszczy?ska

Director, screenwriter, antropologist, graduated from Applied Social Science and Polish National Film, Television and Theater School. She is currently in production of her debut feature length documentary. Her short films are succesfully presented at many film festivals.

Agnieszka Zulewska
Dobromir Dymecki
Katarzyna Wajda
Sebastian Stankiewicz
Szawomir Orzechowski
Tomasz Borkowski

Aga Woszczyńska

Bartosz Świniarski

Kamil Radziszewski

Wojciech Rawecki

Set decoration
Marcin Dzwonkowski

Production :
The Polish National Film Television and Theater School
61/63 Targowa St.
90-323 Lód? – Pologne
Tél : +48 42 27 55 947

Coproduction :
AT Productions (Pologne)
Before my Eyes (Pologne)

Title in Original Version : Fragments